The Dish

The Dish is a spot I want to like. The servers are friendly, the atmosphere is warm and its in my ‘hood.

Unfortunately, whenever I do decide to go to The Dish for supper, I walk away sorta disappointed. While there are always specific aspects of the meal I enjoy, the food tends to miss the mark.

They recently released a Groupon, so I figured I would give it another shot. I find it difficult to pass up a good deal!

We started off by ordering an appetizer: the Pear & Cambazola Triangles ($10.25). These were actually really delicious! I’m a sucker for sweet and salty food combos. The pear and cheese tasted great together.


The main courses fell short of my expectations. My sister ordered a pasta dish on their specials menu and said it was pretty average. Even with a appetizer and dessert, she felt pretty hungry when we left. The pasta was around $16-$17 dollars.



I opted for their Coq au Vin dish, also on their featured specials menu. I did not like this at all. The best way I can think to describe it is one big plate of “bleh”. The veggies were good, the rest was tasteless, and a bit gross, actually. It was around $17 dollars as well.




For dessert, we ordered the White Chocolate Creme Brule ($8). This was really good! Probably one of the tastiest creme brules I’ve had in awhile.



I won’t be heading back to The Dish for dinner for awhile. If at all, I’ll be heading back for lunch, where I’ve had better experiences. The beginning and end of our meal were great, but everything in between fell a bit flat.


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